LightWave 3D (Win) Registry Settings


Open .lwo/.lws from Explorer using -c (configdir) and -0 (no hub) switches:

Key: "Default" (on English Windows), "Standard" (on German Windows)
Type: REG_SZ
Value: "X:\Programs\modeler.exe" "%1" -c"X:\\Configs" -0

First look if this value exist (added by the installer, maybe):

if not, just add the .lwo and .lws entries as in the first example.
The double quotes are important to support spaces in filenames.


Settings for LScript Commander (in case of trouble, simply delete the LCore branch)

Settings for LScripts using (global-)store/recall
Backup this branch to move the settings to other machines.
There could be a lot of garbage collected over time, so it's a good idea
to remove unneeded stuff from time to time
(or delete whole subkey if you don't have any important settings - it will be created on demand...)