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d|ver's MIDI2LW LScripts

beta 0.4.2 - 10-FEB-2002


What is it ?

MIDI2LW uses Bob Hood's MidiMan Object Agent ( - 27KB) to convert MIDI messages into data which can be used in LightWave 3D. i.e. :
- realtime control of Layout items
- convert MIDI messages to keyframes
- convert MIDI messages to points in Modeler

planned features:
- polyphony / event distribution
- interactive learning for realtime control

Mission status
(Realtime Recorder for Layout)
- quite stable & usable
- records events from all 16 channels simultaneously in realtime
- Velocity, NoteOn/Off and PitchWheel messages are converted to keyframes
- a special "stroke" channel is created and "stroke" keyframes are created at NoteOn event times
- to do: polyphony, implement other events (aftertouch, ctlchange,...),  better mapping to existing channels, ...

- now NOTEON events with a velocity of 0 are recognized as NOTEOFF
- NOTEOFF keyframes are now only created in the velocity channel (Realtime Recorder for Modeler)
- v0.1 beta (experimental)
- records on all 16 channels and converts NoteOn messages to points (Realtime Event Mapper)
- v0.2 beta (experimental)
- basic functionality works, not really usable for animating yet
- todo: a lot :) (Global MIDI IN/OUT Port Configuration)
- v1.0
- calls mididevs.exe and reads available IN/OUT devices
- user can select default IN/OUT device
- selection is stored in the registry for use by other MidiMan scripts

Please read the notes in the source code headers for additional infos.

The scripts are freeware. They can not be resold/published in any form for commercial purpose.

Copyright © 2002 interia labs.

Special credits to Bob Hood (LScript/MidiMan) & Jake Carvey (LW_Joystick).

Send suggestions, bug reports, ideas, donations....
to d|ver

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Main Interface:

Input Filters:

Post Process Options:

Stroke Channel:

Note Number, Velocity & Stroke Channels:

Copyright © 2002 interia labs. All rights reserved.